I would be pleased to calculate the price of translation, revision/proofreading, or editing based on your request. Please send an example of the text you need to have translated, revised, proofread, or edited. I will keep your information confidential even if you do not order any service from me.

As a rule, if your document is in a non-editable format (pdf, image, hard copy), I cannot calculate the total price of translation in advance. In this case, I will let you know the price per target standard page (1800 characters including spaces). The scope of translation is rounded up to the first decimal place.

At your request, I can prepare an offer with a price per source (in case of editable files) or target word.

I may charge an hourly rate for revision/proofreading or editing.

An hourly rate can be agreed for interpreting in Mladá Boleslav and a half-day rate (≤4 hours) for interpreting in the neighbourhood of Mladá Boleslav and in Prague; otherwise, a daily rate (≤8 hours) is applied. For information on terms and conditions of interpreting services, please see General Terms and Conditions for interpreting.