Price per standard page
Translations between Russian, English, Belarusian, Czech from 14 EUR
Discount on order over 50 standard pages -5%
Discount on order over 100 standard pages -10%
Discount on order over 200 standard pages -15%
Extra charge for express translations and translating on weekends up to 50 %
Extra charge for complexity (document in non-editable format (pdf, scan, on paper), badly readable source text, graphic design, advertising text, etc.) +10–20%

Revisions and Editing

Price per standard page
Revisions of translations from 6 EUR
Editing of Russian and Belarusian texts by native speaker 5 EUR
Reviewing business, economic, financial, legal and marketing texts in Russian 5 EUR


  1. The above prices are for the standard page of the resulting text, i.e. 1800 characters including spaces. Based on the data of MS Word, the standard page is the sum of words and characters without spaces divided by 1800.
  2. The minimum order is 0.5 standard pages.
  3. At your request I can prepare an offer with a price per word of the source text or the resulting text.
  4. CZK – Czech crowns






  1/2 day
(4 hours)
1 day
(8 hours)
> 8 hours
Consecutive interpreting Czech – Russian 74 EUR 148 EUR + 19 EUR/hod
Consecutive interpreting English – Russian 120 EUR 240 EUR + 30 EUR/hod
Accompanying interpreting Czech – Russian 70 EUR 140 EUR + 18 EUR/hod


  1. Prices are final. I am not a VAT-payer.
  2. For interpreting in Mlada Boleslav a price per hour can be agreed.
  3. The price per 1/2 day applies only to interpreting in Mlada Boleslav and neighbourhood and Prague.
  4. For information on terms and conditions of interpreting services please see General Terms and Conditions for interpreting.


Other services

Prices of other services are determined individually, depending on inquiry parameters.