General terms and conditions


General terms and conditions for translation services

  1.  The unit of translation services shall be 1 standard page of the resulting text that is determined as the sum of words and characters without spaces divided by 1800. The minimum order shall be 0.5 standard pages.
  2. In most cases translation services are ordered and the order is received and delivered by e-mail. Alternative methods of order delivery (for example, by courier or by post) shall be agreed by the Customer and the Contractor and stated in the order.
  3. The Contractor shall advise the offered price for the requested services and the proposed date of the order delivery. Should the Customer agree with the offered price, the date of the order delivery and other terms and conditions, the Customer shall send a binding purchase order to the Contractor.
  4. The source text provided for translation shall be clear in respect of substance, terminology and language and shall be clearly readable. Should the source text provided for translation not match these criteria, the Contractor cannot guarantee the correctness of the translation and will not be liable for any possible damage that can be caused to the Customer as a result of an erroneous translation.
  5. In the case of a complicated text in terms of terminology or content, the Contractor reserves the right to consult systematically the Customer regarding special terms, abbreviations or realities contained in the text. The Customer undertakes to cooperate with the Contactor on explanation of such expressions; otherwise the Contractor shall not be liable for inaccurate translation and possible damage.
  6. The Customer shall confirm receipt of the order without delay. Only direct confirmation in writing (including by e-mail) shall be considered as the order confirmation. An automatic delivery receipt shall not be considered as such confirmation. Should the Customer not confirm the receipt of the order within 24 hours after the deadline mentioned in the order, it shall be considered that the order has been received by the Customer duly and in time, and the Customer cannot lay any claims regarding possible non-delivery of the order.
  7. The Customer shall undertake to pay for translation services rendered properly in accordance with the order based on the invoice duly issued by the Contractor. The term of payment in the issued invoices shall be 14 days from the date of the issuance, unless otherwise is agreed by the Customer and the Contractor. In case of large orders the Contractor can demand an advance payment.
  8. Should any shortcomings preventing the use of the translated text by the Customer for the purpose intended be revealed, the Contractor shall correct the noted shortcomings at the Contractor's own expense within the time agreed.
  9. The translation order shall be binding, and in the event of its cancellation the Customer shall undertake to pay for the part of the text that has already been translated at the time of the cancellation (but at least 0.5 standard pages) and the cancellation penalty (price of 1 standard page).
  10. The Contractor undertakes to keep confidential the content of all documents and materials received from the Customer for provision of the ordered services, not to disseminate their content in any manner and not to use the mentioned documents and materials in the Contractor's favour or in favour of third parties.

General terms and conditions for interpreting services

  1. The length of interpreter's working day is 8 hours, including all breaks. The cost of interpreting shall also include the time of the interpreter's travel to the interpreting location and back. If the interpreter does not live at the interpreting location, including the case of interpreting outside the Czech Republic, the cost of interpreting shall be increased by the actual cost of travel and accommodation, daily travel allowance and in the event of long-term orders also pocket money in accordance with effective regulations of the Czech Republic on travel expenses.
  2. The Customer shall be obliged to provide in advance written materials to the interpreter for preparation to the interpreting, unless otherwise is agreed. Otherwise possible claims regarding interpreting of special terminology shall not be taken into consideration.
  3. The interpreter shall be accommodated in a single room with facilities. The Customer shall provide a break for the interpreter's catering and rest for at least half an hour not later than in four hours after the interpreting start.
  4. The Customer shall not be entitled to require other services, which were not agreed, from the interpreter, for example, translation, taking minutes of negotiations, guide and organization services, participation in social events, etc.
  5. The Contractor shall have a right to the remuneration for the whole agreed period of interpreting even in the case when the Customer has not used the agreed time in full.
  6. If the order is cancelled more than three working days before the start date of the interpreting, no sanctions shall be applied. Should the order be cancelled less than three working days before the agreed day when the provision of services by the Contractor was to start (i.e. the day when the interpreting was to start or the day when the interpreter was to depart for the interpreting location if such a trip is needed), the Customer shall undertake to pay the cancellation penalty to the Contractor amounting to 50% of the agreed price of the interpreting and the possible actual cost of travel and accommodation.
    Should the order be cancelled on the start date of the interpreting, the Customer shall pay the interpreting services in full and compensate the actual cost of travel and accommodation to the Contractor.
  7. The Contractor shall undertake to consider all information connected with interpreting as strictly confidential, keep it confidential, not disseminate this information in any manner and not use it in the Contractor's favour or in favour of third parties.